Buses and Shuttles

Buses and shuttles are great candidates for hybridization with the Lightning Hybrids ERS, especially on routes with many stops. The fuel savings allow routes to be run more economically, and with passengers on board it’s especially important to reduce emissions that affect air quality.


The ERS is especially well suited to shuttles. Examples of duties are:

  • Hotel/airport
  • Parking, rental car hubs
  • Hospital employees
  • Urban paratransit
  • University campuses

Lightning Hybrids’ customer Kiessling Transit of Norfolk, MA, operates a fleet of 68 hybridized Ford E-450 paratransit buses. Learn more here.

School buses

School buses on urban routes are ideal for hybridization. Not only is the installation easy, but the ERS scales to the largest vehicles, giving clean air benefits to vulnerable young lungs. Grants for school bus retrofits and new vehicles are available; please contact us to talk about funding opportunities available in your area.

Bus in India

A bus in India with the ERS installed

Bus in Mexico

Our first hybrid bus in Mexico

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