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The main components of the ERS. Click for more information.

The ERS – Energy Recovery System

It’s A Hybrid

Installing the ERS turns your truck or bus into a hybrid – a vehicle which has two sources of motive power. In some cities or states, hybrid vehicles are exempt from restrictions relating to pollution, or may enjoy financial incentives. Here’s your easy ticket to running a fleet of hybrids.

It’s a Hydraulic Hybrid

HHV symbolYou’re probably thinking of hybrid cars and SUVs which use electric motors and batteries. We at Lightning Hybrids have chosen hydraulic technology because it’s a better fit for medium and heavy duty vehicles. Compared to electric hybrids, our solution is lighter, more efficient, safer, easier to maintain, has a longer lifetime and is less expensive. Read more on hydraulic vs. electric…

It uses Regenerative Braking

A regenerative braking hybrid such as the ERS captures energy from the motion of the vehicle when the driver presses the brake pedal, and returns that energy to the vehicle by propelling it when the driver hits the gas. Reusing motion energy like this improves the overall efficiency of the vehicle. In a conventional vehicle, motion energy is turned into heat in the brakes, and that heat is energy that’s lost forever. In a regenerative hybrid vehicle, the stored energy launches the vehicle, which reduces the load on the engine so it draws less fuel and emits less pollution.

It uses an Advanced Accumulator

Energy is stored by pumping hydraulic fluid into an accumulator, which is a tank that has a nitrogen-filled bladder inside. As the fluid is forced into the tank, the bladder gets compressed, which raises the pressure, much like when you compress a spring. That pressure (which is stored energy) can be held until it’s time to accelerate the vehicle. The accumulator uses an advanced composite design which allows it to be much lighter than, say, equivalent electric batteries, while remaining safe and reliable for years of on-road use. Read more about our “Mechanical Batteries”…

It uses Sophisticated Software

Digital iconWhile the parts and pieces of the ERS are easy-to-maintain hydraulic and mechanical components, the real secret sauce lies in the control software. This has been developed by Lightning Hybrids to maximize efficiency, reliability, safety and driveability in all on-road situations. It also provides real life data that allows Lightning Hybrids to monitor and report the health and performance of your hybridized fleet.


An animation that highlights the components of the ERS

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