ERS components

Glossary of Components

High pressure accumulatorHigh Pressure Accumulator – The energy storage device, consisting of an advanced composite vessel (carbon fiber over aluminum) containing a nitrile bladder filled with dry nitrogen gas. Manufactured for Lightning Hybrids by our partner Steelhead Composites.

Low pressure accumulatorLow Pressure Accumulator – An aluminum vessel with a nitrogen-filled bladder. Essentially a place for the hydraulic fluid to go when it’s not in the hgh pressure accumulator. Manufactured for Lightning Hybrids by our partner Steelhead Composites.

Power Transfer ModulePower Transfer Module (PTM) – A clutch-actuated gearbox which engages the pump(s) with the vehicle’s drive shaft. This is where torque is absorbed (during braking) or applied (during acceleration). At other times, the clutches are disengaged and the ERS is idle.

PumpsPump / Motor(s) – The mechanical heart of the system, these convert mechanical energy to hydraulic when the vehicle is braking, and hydraulic energy to mechanical when it’s accelerating. The ERS for medium duty vehicles has one pump; for heavier vehicles we use two. Manufactured for Lightning Hybrids by our partner Hydro Leduc.

ManifoldValve Manifold – This component carries the electronically-actuated valves which control the flow of hydraulic fluid. Manufactured for Lightning Hybrids by our partner Sun Hydraulics.

ControllerController – Essentially an on-board computer, the controller operates the clutches and valves in response to the driver’s input and other conditions, as well as monitoring the performance and health of the ERS and passing that data to Lightning Hybrids (which can then be reported to the fleet manager as a service).

Drive shaftDrive Shaft – Installation of the ERS requires removal of the stock drive shaft and the installation of two shorter shafts so that the drive train runs through the PTM. This drive train is never interrupted, which means that the relationship between the vehicle’s transmission and the rear differential is no different from the stock vehicle.


ERS build-up animation