Heavy Duty Trucks

Ideal for the stop-and-go of urban delivery rounds, the ERS is a perfect match for your fleet of trucks. Available now as a retrofit to your current vehicles or as a new vehicle, it saves fuel, extends brake and engine life, and cuts emissions, which is important for your community.

Lightning Hybrids’ customers are seeing benefits on the roads, on a variety of truck platforms including Freightliners, Fords, and Mercedes-Benz. (See the full list here.) The ERS is easy to install in these vehicles and provides benefits from day one.

Logistics vehicles including:

  • Beverage
  • Laundry
  • General delivery
  • Medical and hospital delivery
  • Groceries
  • Mail

The ERS will save more money on heavier vehicles than light ones. Take a look at the following graphic (click to enlarge):