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Ideal for the stop-and-go of bus routes, delivery rounds and refuse collection, the ERS is a perfect match for your fleet. Available now, it saves fuel, extends brake and engine life, and cuts emissions — something that’s especially important for your community. Purchase it for new vehicles, or get it retrofitted to your existing inventory… Even your oldest buses or trucks can be updated to be leaner and greener.

The simple, modular design of the ERS makes it easy and quick to install, and the multiple ways you can purchase it makes it easy to buy too.

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Why Lightning Hybrids?

  • Simple to install. No changes are made to engine management or exhaust and emissions controls.
  • Compatible with most internal combustion engines: gasoline, diesel, biodiesel, CNG, propane.
  • Available on a wide range of medium and heavy duty vehicle platforms worldwide.
  • Lightning Hybrids maintains a global network of dealers, upfitters and service providers so we’re always close to your operations.
GSA Pending

Vouchers and rebates

The ERS qualifies for incentive programs in certain localities. Click on the thumbnail below for details, and come back often – more programs are added all the time!

Vouchers and rebates