Hybrid System

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Lightning Hybrid Hydraulic System Benefits

  • Shortest financial payback of any alternative fuel or advanced technology option for heavy-duty drive cycles
  • Cuts fuel costs for any fuel type
  • Dramatically lengthens brake life
  • Increased low-end torque improves acceleration
  • Functions like and can replace a brake retarder
  • Provides smooth, fade-free stops with less pedal pressure
  • Retrofits to your current fleet
  • Quick installation (new or retrofit) that does not void the OEM warranty and provides fleets with system portability
  • Advanced telematics and innovative dashboard driver interface give drivers instantaneous feedback on fuel savings and system performance
  • No Downtime—this reliable system runs parallel to the engine and transmission.  If the system is down the vehicle drives and brakes like normal—Guaranteed
  • 100,000 mile maintenance interval, requiring a simple oil and bladder change
  • Available today for delivery vans, shuttle buses, utility vehicles, cutaways, box trucks, etc. See full vehicle list here.
  • Financing and leasing options available and the system qualifies for many local and national grant opportunities

How It Works

Learn more about how the hydraulic hybrid system works to store braking energy and use it to power the vehicle.
In Fleet

Want to know where the Lightning Hybrids system is deployed in fleets? Curious to know what fleet managers and drivers think about the hydraulic drive system? Click here to find out.
Take a Test Drive

Experience the power and control of the Lightning Hybrids hydraulic drive system. Take a drive today.