How does idling in your fleet add up? Did you know:
  • One hour of idling wastes up to a gallon or more of fuel.
  • Ten minutes of idling produces a pound of carbon dioxide.
  • Engine idling increases vehicle maintenance costs and shortens vehicle life.
  • Idling uses more fuel than restarting the engine.
  • Breathing vehicle emissions increases risk of respiratory illness.
Most of us spend a lot of time and energy working to reduce fuel use and harmful emissions, but how much are fleets eroding those benefits by idling? While there are good reasons to keep a vehicle idling, such as in very cold or hot weather, the bottom line is that idling is wasteful and causes pollution.
The Lightning Hybrids ERS helps in these ways:
  1. Anti-idling mode: turns off the engine automatically at some specified time after the driver puts the vehicle into Park.
  2. Driver Information Display: shows a short reminder to drivers to turn off the engine.
  3. Telematics: A report can be generated for each vehicle that reports the amount of time spent idling, and idling when in Park. By signing up for our telematics package, fleets can track which vehicles are the worst offenders, and maybe incentivize their drivers to idle less.
All of these approaches can help cut the wasteful and polluting practice of idling more than necessary. At Lightning Hybrids, we believe in a complete approach to fuel savings and clean air. Take a look at our Energy Recovery System helps reduce unnecessary idling for large vehicles and give us a call to find out how the ERS can help your fleet succeed!
(Don’t forget idling you car is harmful also. Click here to take the pledge to reduce idling whether you drive a passenger car or a dump truck.)