PEMS – Portable Emissions Measurement System

The Lightning Hybrids Energy Recovery System (ERS) reduces vehicle emissions, but by how much? It’s hard to predict. Engines and exhaust systems are complex, and the benefits of the ERS vary with drive cycle and even with which driver is operating the vehicle.

Lightning Hybrids has invested in a PEMS system which we use extensively to characterize the emissions from our fleet of test vehicles. This allows us to quantify improvements from one generation of ERS to the next, and to optimize the system’s hardware and software for the best emissions reductions while still maximally reducing fuel use. The benefit of PEMS is that it captures real-world data, and we use it on the roads and on our test track, to make sure that the ERS is saving the environment.

How PEMS analyses your emissions

How PEMS analyses your emissions

Lightning Hybrids offers PEMS testing as a service to prospective and existing customers so you can characterize the positive environmental impact of installing the Energy Recovery Vehicles in your vehicles. We will provide a technician who will operate the PEMS unit during your tests.